Depressed? Anxious? Can’t Sleep? Stressed? Think Cannalogue


Can CBD help treat mental health and sleep symptoms?


Due to the impact of Coronavirus-Disease 2019 (COVID-19), best estimates indicate that millions of Canadians are experiencing mental health or sleep disturbances.  Unknowingly, the catastrophic mass impact of social distancing and isolation has left a lasting impact on Canadians.  As such, it may be difficult to return to some semblance of ‘normality’.  Experts agree that a mental health “crisis” in Canada has put the entire nation on high alert.  COVID-19 has caused an exponential rise in symptoms that include feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed.  Due to factors beyond the control of Canadians, rapid changes have resulted in financial hardships for millions.  Many are simultaneously experiencing burnout to simply make ends meet.  It’s safe to say that the stress levels of Canadians are at an all-time high.  The Angus Reid Institute recently reported that one in two (54%) Canadians say their mental health has worsened over the last two years.  Additional burdens on the mind including oppression from debt, inflation, and “unknowns” during already challenging times may inflict chronic diseases of the mind.  This includes depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other disorders including sleep-related ones.


Millions of Canadians are sleepless at night due to stress.  This severely impacts daytime functionality and spirals into a vicious repetitive cycle.

Daytime function is an important health outcome.  Poor sleep quality may increase daytime stress hormones and impede performance.  Chronically elevated levels of stress hormones such as cortisol can have adverse health outcomes.  In the setting of a global COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to mount an immune response, particularly after vaccination or a prior infection is paramount.   Elevated stress hormones may impede immune function and increase your susceptibility to infections and other diseases.  This includes an adverse outcome from COVID-19.  A systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine estimated that 40% of the general population have sleep problems during COVID-19.  Chronic exposure to elevated levels of stress hormones may result in poor cardiovascular outcomes including high blood pressure.  High blood pressure also known as hypertension is one of the major causes of heart attacks and strokes.  Therefore, daytime function is an important marker of your overall health and well-being.  Impairment of this due to poor sleep quality can be treated with cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD).  This is where Cannalogue can help.


Approximately 80% of Cannalogue users report an improvement in their sleep quality within one-month after targeted treatment.  Cannalogue’s medical specialists target slow-wave (non-rapid eye movement) sleep which is known to have numerous health benefits including memory consolidation.  This often manifests as an improvement in function and overall performance.  Improvements in energy levels are frequently reported.  Anecdotal reports of cognitive enhancement have been reported and are no surprise.  Due to positive neurological feedback this results in improved brain health.

Treatment with CBD can be habitual, similar to having a morning coffee, providing a very natural boost to your day and granting improved sleep quality and other mechanisms. Could this natural boost of energy help with your overall mood and energy?


A recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reported that almost a quarter (22%) of respondents reported feelings of depression.  Feeling depressed is an emotional response, a reaction to an action. As wounds can be physical or psychological, depression is a reaction to a wound that has inflicted the mind.  Unfortunately, some wounds are permanent and have consequences that cannot be reversed.  Treating the root cause of such depressive symptoms is always the answer.  However, if natural support with CBD and other cannabinoids can change the outlook of every day when experiencing such symptoms, is it worth a shot?  Cannabidiol is a non-addictive non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant.  When used in combination with other cannabinoids such as THC (D-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), where some euphoric effects are desired medically, cannabinoids can be used to help reduce depressive symptoms and improve function.  Although cannabinoids cannot reverse the root cause of such symptoms, Cannalogue may be able to help you get through a difficult time.  If there is any apprehension regarding pharmaceuticals such as anti-depressants and side-effects (black-box warnings), then perhaps an ancient well-tolerated plant-medicine used for thousands of years is your first option when feeling depressed.


If you’re struggling with stress that may be turning into anxiety, you’re not alone.  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reported that nearly half (46%) of Canadians are stressed or worried about coping with uncertainty.  25% of respondents reported feeling moderate to severe anxiety (CAMH).  When chronic stress turns into anxiety, it can impair your overall function.  Anxiety can show itself in different forms.  Performing at any capacity, whether work-related or not, stressful conditions may cause anxiety.  After protracted social isolation, including work from home, social settings may provoke anxiety in some.  In addition, COVID-19 has unmasked anxiety-provoking phobias (no pun intended).  Vaccines and masks (and the lack thereof) may provoke anxiety depending on the school of thought.  If you or a loved one has had an adverse experience from COVID-19, which may include debilitating illness or a loss, then memories of such traumatic experiences may cause anxiety or PTSD.  Although it is very human to experience such emotions after traumatic experiences, it does not lessen the burden to the mind, body, and soul.


How do you know if you have anxiety?  You may start having sensations of nervousness (butterflies in the stomach), sweating, flushing, tremors, feelings of “blood boiling” or “nerves tingling”, irritability, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, upset stomach, among other symptoms.  When left untreated, commonly due to not being diagnosed, chronic anxiety can lead to poor health outcomes and diminished quality of life.  Many Canadians self-medicate with alcohol to treat undiagnosed anxiety.  Alcohol has a similar effect to a class of addictive medications used to treat anxiety called benzodiazepines (benzos).  However, alcohol is NOT how you treat stress or anxiety.  Once you start, you may not be able to stop.  We can confidently say alcohol when abused is poisonous to the mind and body.  Alcohol is dangerous and can lead to alcoholism, liver disease, dementia, life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding, withdrawal seizures, cancer, and death.  If you think you have high levels of stress or anxiety that you’re managing on your own, you’re not alone.  Cannalogue is here to help.


Cannabidiol acts like other medications used to treat anxiety. It acts on cannabinoid receptors in your body and is extracted from plants (non-pharmaceutical).  Using techniques authorized by Health Canada, cannabinoids such as CBD are extracted from the cannabis plant and made into different formulations.  This includes tinctures (oils) or capsules that are taken orally.  Cannabidiol is absorbed from the digestive tract for sustained relief.  Cannalogue offers newer delivery systems including sublingual strips that dissolve under the tongue for fast and effective relief of stress and anxiety.  Cannabidiol when dosed appropriately helps to calm the nerves.  Instead of going for a smoke or having an alcoholic beverage, why not try CBD instead?  Untreated anxiety will erode your mind and body, especially if you are self-medicating yourself with alcohol or other substances.  There’s a new go-to option for stress and anxiety.  The best part is, it’s all-natural, made in Canada, Health Canada approved, and available across Canada on Cannalogue.

Next time you’re depressed, anxious, can’t sleep, or stressed,

Think Cannalogue.

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