Can CBD Help Treat Long-COVID?


Long-COVID, also called post-COVID syndrome, is a medical condition that develops after an acute infection with SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  The most common symptoms of Long-COVID are persistent fatigue, cough or difficulty breathing.  The respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and neurological systems may all simultaneously be involved.  Other symptoms associated with Long-COVID can include recurrent chest pain, joint pain, muscle pain, headache, diarrhea and loss of taste or appetite.

Difficulty sleeping is frequently reported.  Neurocognitive symptoms including dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and memory loss.  Mood is frequently affected where anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression is involved.  Energy levels are often reduced, and significant fatigue is reported with Long-COVID.  Many high-performance athletes have reported changes to their energy levels after a COVID-19 infection.

It is possible that most, if not all variants of COVID-19 can cause Long-COVID.  The severity of COVID-19 appears to directly correlate with the risk of developing Long-COVID.  It is unknown if there may be a genetic predisposition to Long-COVID.  However, it is speculated that there is an undetected genetic basis as to why certain genes are turned on or off with a COVID-19 infection that manifests in chronic symptoms with Long-COVID.  Long-COVID, after further research and evidence, may at some point be classified as a post-infectious autoimmune disorder.  The mechanisms behind the disease are poorly understood, however the persistence of symptoms after the virus has been cleared from the body suggests an underlying immune-mediated mechanism where multiple systems in the body are simultaneously involved.


How do you know if you have Long-COVID?

The following criteria must be met:

  • Persistent symptoms for at least 3 months from the start of a COVID-19 infection
  • No alternate diagnosis

Unfortunately, a test to diagnose Long-COVID does not exist.  If you are experiencing persistent symptoms after a COVID-19 infection, please speak with your doctor.  Generally, the duration of Long-COVID will correlate with the severity of the infection, although exceptions are reported.  The symptoms are expected to last for months and may continue longer.


If you are suffering from Long-COVID, what do you do?

Your doctor will likely treat your symptoms from Long-COVID individually.  This means: puffers for your cough, pills for your sleep, and exercise for energy.  Unfortunately, this approach does not target the root cause of the disease and treats the end symptoms only.  In the absence of a treatment for Long-COVID what else is available to you?  If you are struggling with Long-COVID and are looking for help, Cannalogue is here to help you.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating substance produced by the Cannabis plant.  When extracted from the plant and administrated in the form of an oil or capsule, and taken orally, it is safe and well-tolerated.  When taken in high doses, based on your sensitivity, CBD can be sedating.  However, for treatment of symptoms such as difficulty sleeping or insomnia, this is the desired effect.  When appropriately dosed by an experienced physician, daytime side effects are not expected.


How does CBD work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the cannabinoid (CB) receptors (predominantly CB-2) that are found throughout your body.  This includes the neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, immune, and endocrine systems.  Known anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may reduce immune-mediated symptoms from Long-COVID.  Within 2-4 hours after taking CBD, you may feel the positive effects.  CBD can interact with other medications, so if you are taking any medications, Cannalogue is your best resource to clarify.


CBD for Long-COVID?

Although a treatment or cure for Long-COVID does not exist, CBD can be used to treat individual symptoms of Long-COVID.  This includes muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, mood, stress, restlessness, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue, low energy, and depression, to name a few.  Without a treatment for Long-COVID, especially if nothing else has worked for you, a trial of CBD may be worth exploring.  This is particularly true if you are experiencing multiple symptoms from Long-COVID.

For dosage and consumption format, you can get a free consultation and allow medical professionals to help guide you and get your life back to normal.  To get more information about CBD or to start the process to get a prescription, sign up here.

Don’t let Long-COVID get the best of you.  Cannalogue is here to help.